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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Record Hill at Anthony's Nose(Lake George-Adirondacks)

Visited the Anthony's Nose Preserve, a Lake George Conservancy that was just opened to the public earlier this spring, located on the northeast shores of Lake George in the town of Putnam.  Trail access can be found by taking Route 22 for about 19 miles north of Whitehall, then turning left onto County Route 1, and following that for 1.8 miles to Schwerdtfeger Road.  Parking is currently located along the west side of the road, where a parking lot will soon be created. 
 Blue LGLC discs mark the beginning of the trail, which heads west into the woods.
 After a short distance the trail turns north, swinging through an open canopy of hardwoods.
 The trail is only .75 of a mile long, but is a stiff climb nearly the entire way. 
 The extreme heat and steep climb made me work up quite a sweat.  
Partial views to the south and east from a rocky clearing on the way up.
 Another partial view on the way up, this one to the south over Lake George.
 Approaching the rocky summit of 1265 foot Record Hill.
 The vista directly to the west over nearby Anthony's Nose.  The LGLC opted not to build a trail to Anthony's Nose because the cliffs are a regular breeding location for the threatened peregrine falcon.
 Views to the south over Lake George with Friends Point jutting out from the west shore.
 Directly across from the second viewing spot is Rogers Rock on the western shorelines of the lake.
 Lingered at the top for a bit, with peregrine falcons circling above.  Unfortunately, the searing heat proved to be too much, and I headed quickly back down the mountain to the comforts of the air conditioned car.
Hiked a total of 1.5 miles RT, with a total ascent of over 700 feet on a very hot afternoon.

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