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Friday, November 6, 2015

Albany County Rail Trail

Did a short walk from the new parking area along South Pearl St(Route 32) on the rail trail after work today.  Clouds and potential showers were moving in as I began walking on yet another very mild November day.  The parking lot is fairly large and found almost directly across the street from Old South Pearl Street.
The rail trail leaves the parking lot and winds around some commercial buildings before heading west along the old rail bed.
There is one stretch of the rail trail which remains incomplete near the interstate and 9W bridges.  Construction is being done along this stretch as of this writing.
 A quiet, pleasant section of the rail trail. The rail trail continues through Delmar, Slingerlands and  eventually Voorheesville.
 The Normanskill can be seen deep down in the ravine near the trail.
The trail closely follows the creek for a short distance, providing pleasant views.
A bridge crossing.
 A quiet stretch of the Normanskill below the pedestrian/ bike bridge.
 Cascades on the Normanskill below the 9W bridge.  This is a very picturesque spot where views of the falls are impressive.  Unfortunately this was right where they were doing construction today so it was tough taking photos.
 The bridge over Route 32 looking south towards County Waste.
 Just a reminder that you are near the Port of Albany and industry.
Walked about 2 miles RT.  Hard to imagine but I was actually sweating wearing a T-shirt in November.

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