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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Buckingham Lake(Albany)

Although it was a cool, overcast day, felt nice to get out with Kalli for a couple of locally short walks.  Our first stop was 5 acre Buckingham Lake, located off Berkshire Blvd in Albany.  There are several different ways to reach the lake, but our approach was to take Route 85 to the Western Ave(Rte 20) exit, where we turned left onto Daytona Ave and then another left onto Berkshire Blvd.  Then we stayed straight until the lake comes into sight on your right.  A small parking lot is found along the lake, next to a playground and across from Colonial Ave.
We saw many ducks congregating all along the shallow waters.  The mean depth of the lake's water is a mere 3 feet.
 A .75 mile foot path winds around the lake's shores, offering a mellow walk through a residential area.
 Several benches along the way offer chances to stop and relax.
 The path is wide and easy to follow.
 Kalli's keen eye caught this heart warming leaf.
 Passing through a woodland section of trail.
 After passing along a residential area on the southern end of the lake, the path turns north passing under lamps.
Crossing a small bridge by the west end of Buckingham Lake. This part of the lake becomes much smaller and chock full of weeds as well as encroaching vegetation.
Enjoyed a short and quiet walk on a cool and breezy day.

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