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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Old Champlain Canal(Halfmoon)

Took a nice, easy stroll along a section of the Old Champlain Canal Trail in Halfmoon this morning. Started at the trailhead located along Brookwood Road in overcast, damp conditions.
 The entrance from Brookwood Road.
 I began by heading south with fine views towards the Rensselaer County hills, including Bald Mountain and its TV towers.
 Unfortunately, many sections of the Old Canal are now overgrown and chock full of weeds.
 As I was enjoying my walk, a steady rain began to replace the mist that was falling.
Due to the rain, I decided to turn back at a little less than a mile south,  heading north towards Brookwood and then Lower Newtown Road.  The rain had stopped at this point, leaving this nice, glassy scene of the water just north of Lower Newtown Road.
 A bend in the Old Canal.
 Old concrete footings slowly fading with time.
 Interesting to see the stonework from the 19th century, where individual stones were used as ooposed to concrete.
 Heading north, approaching a one lane bridge.
 Looking down at McDonald Creek and Flynn's Culvert.
 One lane bridge over Flynn's Culvert.
 I opted to turn around at Flynn's Culvert as the rain began to pick up again. 
 Within a few minutes, the rain became steady and I was drenched.
Walked just under 3 miles total on a rainy spring morning.

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