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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Snyder Hill(Adirondacks)

Did a short bushwhack hike to 2115 foot Snyder Hill in the town of Minerva today, on what was a gorgeous spring day.  Access is from a small parcel of state land on County Route 24(Irishtown Road). I could barely find enough room on the shoulder of the road to squeeze my car out of the way, but once I did I hopped into the woods and was on my way.
The woods were quite thick with blow down and mostly soft woods at first, but soon began to open up a bit as I climbed.
Being sure to stay on public land, I stayed mostly north of Snyder Hill on the ascent.  Unfortunately, the black flies were quite the nuisance, relentlessly harassing me.
After gaining the main ridge, I turned towards the large rocky cliffs protruding from west face of Snyder Hill.  From this area, there are incredible views.  A look down at meandering Minerva Stream.
Looking northwest from the shoulder of the ledge.
A large rock cairn marks the best views on Snyder Hill's Ledges.
Phenomenal views.
Zoomed in look at Moxham Mountain and Gore Mountain beyond.
Turning away from the ledge views, I continued a couple more minutes east up a few more rocky areas towards the true summit.
Snyder Hill's true summit at 2115 feet, with screened views through the bare trees.
Would've been a perfect day in the woods, had it not been for the pesky black flies.  A touch over 2 miles RT.

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