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Friday, July 21, 2017

Burger Hill Sunset(Rhineback)

There is nothing quite like a summer sunset, and one of the very best places to catch one is from Drayton Grant Park at Burger Hill in the town of Rhineback. The 76 acre park is owned and managed by Winnakee Land Trust and has a short half mile trail up to the top of a 550 foot hill, with spectacular views. The park is located on the right, 2.5 miles south on Route 9G from the intersection of Route 9 and 9G in Rhineback.  As we began our walk, the sun was beginning to set, behind a hazy cloud clover.
 Lazy, hazy days of summer.
 A more south-southwest view from the clearing atop the hill.
 The sun tried to break free from the clouds and provided some pretty nice views.  The best views are west towards the Catskills.  Unfortunately, the clouds won out, chasing us back to our car somewhat disappointed.
A nice, short and romantic one mile walk.  Arrived back at the car under the stars.

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