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Friday, July 7, 2017

Wolf Creek Falls(Knox)

Visited the 135 acre Wolf Creek Falls Preserve located along Bozenkill Road in the town of Knox.  The Preserve is a Mohawk Hudson Land Conservancy property that opened back in 2007 and offers about 3 miles of trails over mixed terrain.  I set on a warm summer day with the humidity beginning to creep up as the day went on.  Headed south on the gold trail, soon hooking up with the red trail and following that back across Bozenkill Road to the north side of the preserve.  Passed by many beautifully maintained old stone walls throughout these woods.
 Crossing over Wolf Creek, which is merely a trickle right now. 
 The "Falls", dropping off the shelf.
 Due to the damp spring and early summer, I've noticed an abundance of mushrooms.
 Hooked up and followed the blue and white trails, which co exist with the aqua blazed Long Path for a portion of the preserve.
 Stone walls along the northwest portion of the Preserve.
 I could hear rumbles of thunder in the distance, but I enjoyed sunny skies for the time being, as I strolled through the quiet woods.
 Heading back south, crossing over Wolf Creek on a well built foot bridge.
 Crossing over Bozenkill Road to the south, heading up the steps back into the woods.
Wandered along the green, white and gold trails back to my car as the skies slowly began to darken.  Hiked a little over 2 miles total.

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