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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Christman Sanctuary(Duanesburg)

Headed out to the Nature Conservancy's Christman Sanctuary after work today to take full advantage of a beautiful mid winter day.  The 120 acre Sanctuary is located along the Schoharie Turnpike in the town of Duanesburg.  I donned the snowshoes, not really sure if I would need them or not.  Turned out that I probably didn't need them as the trails were fairly well packed down, but I kept them on anyway.  Dropped down on the blue trail through a dark hemlock forest to a yellow spur trail, which closely follows the completely frozen over Bozen Kill. 
 Our recent frigid weather has turned the Bozen Kill into a frozen wonderland.  Thick ice and snow cover the creek bed, leaving nothing but icicles where the cascades had been flowing.
 A look at the main 30 foot falls, completely frozen solid.  Notice the people below the frozen spectacle.
 Even water draining off the steep rim above the creek, has transformed into a frozen work of art.
 I followed the blue trail all the way around the north end of the preserve, before crossing over the frozen creek to the south orange marked loop.  The orange trail climbs up above the creek, passing by trusty old stone walls.
 The southern trail didn't seem to see as much foot traffic, but was just as beautiful, passing through a gorgeous mixed forest.
 The bright late afternoon sure felt good on this mid January day, seen here shining brightly through the open hardwoods at the far southern edge of the property.
 Wandering along the 1.1 mile orange trail, where I kicked up a couple of white tailed deer, that made a hasty exit.
Snowshoed about 2.5 miles total on a gorgeous winter day.  These are the winter days that are hard to beat.

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