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Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Normanskill Ravines Park(Town of Bethlehem, Albany County)

Took advantage of another unseasonably mild early November day by hitting the trails at the Normanskill Ravines Park off of Wright Lane in Delmar.  Took my time strolling the myriad of trails throughout these woods, which I was surprised to have to myself.


Climbing up and over and then back down small ravines, the trail eventually hits the Normanskill Creek at the north edge of the park, which it parallels for nearly half a mile.


There are several very good opportunities to take in the beauty of the Normanskill. 

While most of the trees are now bare, there are still some trees that are hanging on to some very nice color.

Hard to beat days like this!  Perfect conditions.

Covered about 3.5 miles RT with 500 feet of ascent on the ups and downs and was shocked to not see another person all day. 

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