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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Albany Rural Cemetery

Anytime a walk can be combined with history, it is an added bonus for me, so I took advantage of another mild November day with a stroll in the Albany rural Cemetery located in Menands.  The Cemetery, established all the way back in 1844 contains 467 acres, making it one of the largest cemeteries in the state and many historical figures are buried here.  The main entrance is on the west side of Route 32 in Menands on Cemetery Ave.
 While not always my first choice for a nice walk, the cemetery does make for very pleasant walking with many roads and paths meandering throughout.
 Fallen leaves on the drab November lawns.
 The pond, simply known as Cypress Waters, is one of the centerpieces of the cemetery.  Several benches make this a quiet spot to relax.
 There are many an amazing array of monuments, crypts and other structures to honor and commemorate the deceased.
 There are paved roads throughout the grounds.  This particular straight stretch through the trees caught my eye.
 Remaining leaves marking late fall.
 While there are many notable historical figures buried here, the most famous of all would be Chester Arthur, the 21st President of the United States. 
 A closer look at the former President's grave, where he was laid to rest in 1886.
 There are several stream crossings throughout the grounds as well, easily integrating history and nature.  Here is a very pleasant cascade along the Moordanears Kill near the Chapel.
Besides Chester Arthur, there are also 34 members of Congress; eight presidential Cabinet members; five New York State governors; and 55 mayors of the City of Albany buried on these grounds since it founding.  While not the most challenging hike around, anyone looking for a nice quiet walk should find this to be a perfect place to explore.

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