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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Belfry Mountain/ Cheney Mountain(Champlain Area)

I had originally planned on hiking in the High Peaks again today, but thick clouds and impending rain meant a change in plans.  Instead I climbed a couple of smaller peaks on the east side of the interstate. My first climb was a short .4 mile hike up Belfry Mountain to its fire tower.  The trail is actually a gated service road.
 Radio tower and equipment near the summit.
 After only .4 of a mile  you arrive at the firetower.
 Ground level views are even nice from the 1840 foot summit of Belfry Mountain.
 The tiny hamlet of Witherbee below.
 Looking directly down.
 A view out from the fire tower.
 Residential streets in Witherbee.
After a short walk down the trail back to the car, I drove a few miles east to Cheney Mountain in the town of Moriah.
 A small pull off provides trail access to the somewhat new trail on its way to 1347 foot Cheney Mountain.

 The trail crosses an old landfill.
You must look carefully across the open landfill for the trail markings.  The trail is clearly marked heading up towards a trail register.
Heading up the .9 mile trail through mixed forest.
A left trail breaks off providing north views up Lake Champlain.
A chipmunk!
Continuing on to a south and west facing view. Surely the bench makes this a pleasant spot to relax and watch the sunset.
 Tailings from nearby Iron Mines.
Distant views.
Rickety old buildings and equipment from the mines.
The Champlain Bridge crossing the lake from New York to Vermont.
Lake Champlain.
Heading back.  Although they look innocent enough, the slick leaves and acorns were a bit tricky. 
Hiked only 2.6 total miles RT for the day before the steady rain came in.

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