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Monday, November 24, 2014

RPI Technology Park(Rensselaer County)

Went out for a short walk in the woods at the RPI Tech Park in North Greenbush this afternoon.  The day was abnormally warm in the upper 60's making for a very comfortable stroll.  As I arrived at the Tech Park, the sun was beginning to set.
 The trail can be hard to find for someone unfamiliar with the area, but I parked at the WMHT building and walked across the large, open fields to the trails in the woods.  There are several unmarked foot paths through the woods, with a footbridge and trail sign near the entrance.
 A unnamed stream flows through the woods, cutting out a large gorge on its way down to the Hudson River.
 There are a series of waterfalls along the stream, with all being easily accessible this time of year with the trees all bare.
 The footing near the deep gorges can be steep and tricky, so you must be careful. 
 A beautiful 10 foot waterfall can be seen just off the trail.
 Closer look at the falls.
 Only a few yards fewer below the previous falls is another smaller waterfall.  I carefully hopped down to stream level and caught a nice view back up at both falls, making for a very nice scene.

There are plenty of other trails throughout the Tech Park, with most usually seeing light foot traffic in a quiet area.

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