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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Plotter Kill Nature Preserve(Rotterdam)

Went for a nice walk at the Plotter Kill Preserve, located off Mariaville Road(Route 159) in Rotterdam on a cool and breezy, but sunny April afternoon.  Today was Kalli's first visit to this local treasure, so I was really looking forward to showing her the trails.
The Plotter Kill's cold waters were flowing fast and strong today as we followed along its muddy banks.
There was still considerable ice and snow in sheltered areas, which is melting fast, only adding to the runoff.
A short side path leads to an incredible view of the very top of the first falls.
The red marked trail skirts a very steep ravine above the falls.  Good footing is essential here.
We followed an unmarked path down into the ravine along the Plotter Kill, where picturesque cascades greeted us.
A short distance further, we encountered the second large waterfall at the Preserve.  Unfortunately, ice and sharp drop offs made it difficult to access them from this angle.  Here is a view of the drop off a few feet away.
We ascended back up the steep ravine on an area where tree roots acted as stairs to aid us on our way.
An eight foot falls on the Rynex, which almost looks to be dropping down stairs.  This can be reached by bushwhacking off the yellow trail, a short distance upstream on the Rynex Creek.
We followed a yellow trail to the shores of Rynex Creek, a tributary of the Plotter Kill.  There are many more small cascades along the Rynex as well.
The fast running and cold Rynex Creek.
After climbing up another steep section above the falls, we arrived at a beautiful series of falls dropping through a steep gorge.
A strong breeze was keeping it cool as we made our back to the footbridge crossing the Plotter Kill.
An amazing view of the first set of falls can be had by carefully dropping down off the blue trail to a small ledge.
Had fun getting out exploring the woods.  Footing was tricky in some muddy and icy areas, especially along steeper areas near the water. 

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