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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Wahconah Falls State Park(Berkshires)

Went for a nice walk at Wahconah Falls State Park in Dalton, Massachusetts on what turned out to be a very nice afternoon.  The park is located roughly a half mile down Wahconah Falls Road, which is found 2.6 miles east of Dalton Center on Route 9 east/ 8A North.  Been very busy the last several days so had very few opportunities to get out, but a small window of nice weather on my day off provided me my chance.  The sounds of the falls are easily heard form the parking area and a short walk provides awesome views.  The main falls crash about 40 feet down into a large pool and are quite impressive.
The thundering, crashing water let off a cold mist, spraying any on lookers in the vicinity.  I scrambled around on some rocks downstream that lead to several very nice views of the falls.
 A half mile marked trail does lead up through the woods above the falls, providing a different perspective.  You can follow the brook upstream quite a ways as well on several easy to follow paths.
 There are many smaller tiered cascades along the brook above the falls, which are also very nice.
Spring run off is a great time to visit waterfalls to see the raw power of mother nature.  Enjoyed my short, but pleasant walk in the woods today. 

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