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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Rowland Hollow Creek(Saratoga Springs)/ Coldbrook Preserve(Northumberland)

Visited a couple of Saratoga PLAN properties this afternoon on a mostly cloudy but comfortable late April day.  Saratoga PLAN(Preserving Land and Nature), helps preserve lands county wide for future generations to enjoy, as well as over 200 miles of trails.  My first stop today was Rowland Hollow Creek, located on Grand Avenue, several miles west of Saratoga Springs.  Parking is on the south side of the road in a small lot just past Cygnet Circle.
 A white marked trail heads away from the parking lot, past a couple of beautiful homes and into the woods.  Moss clings to an old stone wall along the trail.
 A bench provides an opportunity to pause and enjoy a slice of nature in suburbia.
 The white trail forms a loop and eventually meets up with a red marked loop trail.  Just beyond the red trail, is a blue marked spur path that leads to a quiet spot along the creek.
 Further along the red loop trail, there are a couple more chances to see the nearly still water of Rowland Hollow Creek.
 Followed the red trail back to the white loop, which brought me back to the car.   Total trail mileage is slightly less than a mile which was a nice chance to stretch my legs.
After leaving Rowland Hollow Creek, I followed Route 29 through Saratoga Springs and east another 7 miles into the town of Northumberland.  Coldbrook Preserve is located about a mile and a half north along Homestead Road on the left side of the road.  This is a very small parking area, with room for one or two cars but not much more.
The trail follows a straight line west, away from the road and past backyards.  Unfortunately the sounds of gunshots were ringing out alarmingly close to the trail which were enough to make me a bit nervous.
 A newly built footbridge crosses the Cole Brook and enters the woods here.
 The Cole Brook is a very small stream that meanders south from the Snook Kill.
 Took the blue marked trail which heads north and west following the diminutive Cole Brook for a distance.
 Green flagging marked a trail along state land which drops down to, and crosses the stream.  I followed this trail for a distance before turning back.
 State land borders the west side of the preserve.
 I returned to the blue trail, which meets with the red trail and forms a loop.  The loop brought me back to Cole Brook where I found this old, outdated bridge crossing next to the new footbridge. 
Completed about 2 miles RT and 3 miles total for the day.  The rain held off, and with temperatures in the mid 50s, it was a nice, quiet walk.

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