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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

County Line Brook/ Cod Pond(Adirondacks)

Went for a nice trip north to the southern Adirondacks with my dad today to do some hiking and fishing.  He is a bit limited physically on demanding day hikes so we chose to do a couple of nice, short trips along Route 8.  Our first stop was County Line Brook which can be found just west of the Warren County/ Hamilton County Line, hence the name.  About .3 of a mile west of the county line sign is a small pull off on the side of the road.  From here a path drops very steeply down to the East Branch Sacandaga River. 
 To access County Line Brook you must cross the East Branch Sacandaga, which is pretty low this time of year, making rock hopping fairly easy.
 County Line Brook is located almost directly across the river and chock full of rocks. Here is a view downstream on the brook where it runs into the river.
 We followed an old foot path along the brook and fished many of the small pools.  We found a small fire ring and picnic spot at one point.
 A small cascade on the brook dropping into a pool. 
 Early hints of fall on this first day of September.
We followed the path upstream for a distance and even rock hopped for a bit.  Unfortunately we didn't have any luck catching any fish so after about half a mile we turned back.
Our next stop was Cod Pond further north along Route 8.  A large parking lot with a DEC sign is located near the trail head.  The trail is fairly wide and easy to follow to a trail junction after about .2 mile.  From there turn right and continue on.  We spotted a red eft along the way.
 After 1 mile the trail drops down to the shores of shallow Cod Pond.  A small group of rocks is found at the end of the trail, affording a great place to soak in the solitude.
My dad and I relaxed here, eating lunch and chatting.  We tried fishing from here too but had no luck.
After getting skunked at our previous two stops we headed a bit further north to one of my dad's favorite fishing holes on the Boreas River.  This proved to be our lucky spot, where we caught some brook trout and enjoyed the river.
These are the days that I love the best.  Spending them in the outdoors with my dad.

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