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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Schor Conservation Area(Canaan, NY)

Went for a local walk at the Columbia County Land Conservancy's Schor Conservation Area in rural Canaan after work today.  I was pretty low on energy from a long work week, but it was simply too nice out to not get out.  The main parking area has been rerouted temporarily, so I parked at the CLC Maintenance Barn and crossed open fields down towards the trails on the property.
 Colors are beginning to pop here and there, but still not anywhere near peak.
 Reflections on Jon's Pond.
 Took the red trail up to the rocky summit knob with pleasant views.
 Distant Catskills on the horizon.
 Dropped back into the woods, taking the red trail back to its junction with the green trail.  Turned right there and enjoyed a very nice walk through a mixed forest on old woods roads, passing stone walls along the way.
 Followed the green trail around the outer edges of the property, eventually circling back to the road and car.
Did the full red and green trails for a RT total of about 2 miles.

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