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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Vanderheyden Preserve(Troy, NY)

In between running errands Sunday, Kalli and I stopped by the 24 acre Vanderheyden Preserve in South Troy.  Access is at the end of a development on Wynantskill Way.  We parked near a kiosk just past a community garden and were  on our way.
 There is an old road(closed to vehicles) that travels through the middle of the preserve, with trails(some official, some not) breaking off seemingly in each direction.
 We took a wide, easy to follow trail down to the Wynants Kill, which was flowing very high after this weekend's heavy rains.
 This was my first time here, but it seemed that the creek was well outside its banks in several spots.  We tried to loop around on all the trails, but large sections were completely flooded and impassable.
 Back on a trail away from the creek, I found a nice view over a marshy area from a height of land.
 Fall colors just off the trail.
 Skies cleared out momentarily, only to be replaced by clouds and strong winds.  We enjoyed what was left of the fall foliage as well. 
We saw several folks out walking their dogs on a cool Sunday afternoon.  A rare undeveloped natural space in South Troy, it seems that people are really making the most of it.  We walked about a mile total on a confusing network of trails.

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