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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Geiser Preserve on Perigo Hill(Rensselaer Plateau)

Took Bella out for a walk after work at the 95 acre Geiser Preserve in the quiet woods of Taborton, a small hamlet high in the hills of the Rensselaer Plateau.  The preserve is a Rensselaer Land Trust property highlighted by 1873 foot Perigo Hill.  To find it, take Route 66 east out of Troy towards Glass Lake, then bear left onto County Route 42.  Just after passing through the center of Taborton, turn left on Lindeman Road and follow it to the end.  Park in the small snowplow turnaround spot.
Continuing past the snowplow turnaround on the old section of Lindeman Road, which was covered ins several inches of crusty snow and ice.
Passing by tone walls along the old road.  This portion of the hike passes through private property, so be sure to stay on the road.
Frozen precip, followed by thawing and then refreezing, led to some sections of the road that were a glare of ice.

After about 1.25 miles, I arrived at a fork.  Turned left here on the Old Eastern Turnpike.
The Old Eastern Turnpike soon leads to the foot of Perigo Hill, at about 1680 foot elevation.
After only a quarter mile, a marked trail leaves the Old Eastern Turnpike to the right, heading uphill.  We soon passed by a vernal pond, covered in a sheet of ice.
Frozen vernal pond.
The trail climbs about 200 feet in half a mile through a wide open forest.
Nearing the summit, there were screened views through the bare winter trees.
After about 2 miles I arrived at the wooded 1873 foot summit.  The trail ends at a summit sign.
Retracing my steps back down off Perigo Hill with more screened views.
Hiked about 4 miles RT.  Bella was happy as always to be out, playing in the snow.

On the way home, I stopped off at Little Bowman Pond in the middle of Taborton.  The high elevation pond is completely frozen over, as expected.

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