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Friday, December 2, 2016

Hemlock Hollow/ Indian Kill Nature Preserve(East Glenville)

I have visited the 100 acre Indian Kill Nature Preserve several times the last few years, but decided to do something a little different this time.  I accessed the preserve via little known 9 acre Hemlock Hollow, which sits adjacent to the Indian Kill Preserve.  I parked at the end of dead end Witbeck Road and headed into the woods on unmarked trails.
Although unmarked, the trails are pretty straightforward and easy to follow and connect with the Indian Kill Nature Preserve's trails.
 After wandering the woods for a few minutes, I made my way down towards the Indian Kill.
 Followed the shore of the creek, which was flowing swiftly after the recent rains.
 The red marked trail leaves the Indian Kill and soon crosses over a smaller tributary.
 The small tributary, carving out a deep cut in the land, flowing in from the northeast.
Winding little tributary.
 Arriving back along the east banks of the Indian Kill a little further downstream.
 The trail closely following the creek.
The yellow marked trail climbs up and away from the red marked trail via a long stairway.
 Followed the yellow trail to the southeast edge of the preserve, near Maple Ave.  The Indian Kill can be seen flowing beneath the road here.
 Returning on the yellow loop past the dam.
 Water and erosion have carved out quite the impressive gorges throughout the preserve.
 The creek winding along, far below the steep banks and bluffs.
 Footing can be a bit tricky in spots on some of the trails.
 A quiet stretch of the Indian Kill.
 The steep slopes of the blue trail, where the roots can help with footing.
 A nice spot to sit and relax.
Hiked about 3.5 miles total, wandering on all the trails of the preserve and back to the car on Witbeck Drive.

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