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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Balance Rock State Park(Berkshires)

Visited the Balance Rock State Park, part of the much larger Pittsfield State Forest just over the NY state border in the Berkshires of Massachusetts. To get here from North Street in Pittsfield, head east on Wahconah Street to Pecks Road, which becomes Balance Rock Road.  Continue on Balance Rock Road into Lanesborough, where you see the state park sign on your left.  A park road heads west for about half a mile to a large paring area.
The centerpiece of the park is a 30 x 15 foot, 165-ton limestone boulder balancing precariously upon a smaller section of bedrock. It is conveniently located right beside the parking lot, complete with picnic tables.
I didn't see another soul around today, as conditions were quite gloomy.
I took the blue marked Balance Rock Loop Trail, which heads through a dark, deep forest.
 Melting snow, foggy mist, and a steady rain made for very eerie hiking conditions.
 Unfortunately the rain picked up, nearly drenching me, even under the forest canopy.
Got back to the car, soaking wet, after about 2 miles RT.  Not sure on exact mileage because I did not bring the GPS, nor did I get as many photos as I would have liked because I didn't want to bring the camera out in the pouring rain.

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