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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Anchor Diamond Park at Hawkwood(Ballston)

Took Bella out after work to visit the brand new Anchor Diamond Park at the former Hawkwood Estate in the town of Ballston.  The park just opened last week, with trails still in the process of being constructed.  Parking is available in a large lot off of Middleline Road, near its intersection witj Route 50. 
There are 4.5 miles of marked trails at the 246 acre park, with minimal elevation gain.
 The trails pass along and over a picturesque small creek, that meanders throughout these woods.
 The white marked trail is the main trail, which travels through the center of the park.
 November woods.
 There are several old stone walls that can be found throughout the park as well.
 Passing through a stretch of hemlocks.
 Bella was absolutely thrilled to be out and she gave a positive review to this new park.
 A beautifully constructed new footbridge over the creek.
 The sun struggling to make its way through the dark woods. 
 This land was home to a wealthy 18th and 19th century estate and mansion, which unfortunately burned down in the mid 20th century.  There are still some remains from those days, with a large fireplace along the yellow loop being one of the most still intact.
 An old foundation.
 Steps that once lead up to the beautiful Hawkwood Mansion.
We wandered the blue, yellow and pink loops, as well as the main white trail for about 3 miles.  Very impressed with the trail work, footbridges and parking area.  A lot of hard work has gone into this new park and this will soon be a local favorite for many in the area.

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