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Monday, November 14, 2016

Won Dharma Retreat Center(Claverack)

Kalli and I visited the Won Dharma Meditation and Retreat Center this afternoon, located in rural Columbia County.  The Center, which offers up to 6 miles of trails that are open to the public, can be found on the north side of Route 23, just east of the junction of Route 217and 23 in Claverack.
We wandered some of the various shorter trails along the west side of the property first.  These trails pass through mostly open fields and a short excursion down to leaf cluttered Hollowville Creek.
Skies were highly changeable during our time at the Center, and made for an enjoyable hike through the wide open fields.
 Once crossing the Center's entrance road over to the east side of the property, we quickly began to gain elevation, as well as distant views towards the Catskills.
 Due to it being a meditation retreat center, there are many benches and quiet areas to sit and relax.  Here is an outstanding spot to sit and soak in the Catskill views from this bench.
 Blowing in the breeze.
 We followed the Path of Light trail through rolling fields and open meadows until its junction with the Dharma Trail.  Once on the Dharma Trail, we continued generally north and east until meeting back up with the Path of Light.
All of the trails are well marked and easy to follow.
 Enjoying the view north to the nearby farmland.
We dropped back down to the road on the Sunrise trail, which lead us directly back to our car.  Walked about 3 miles total on a mild November day.

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