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Friday, November 4, 2016

Palmer Preserve(Schodack)

Went out for a short walk with Kalli and Bella at the Palmer Preserve in rural Schodack after work this afternoon.  Parked at the end of Thoroughbred Drive and entered the woods just past the S.A.L.T. Land sign.
 We wandered the blue and orange trails which form a couple of loops through the woods.  The orange trail drops down to a branch of the Moordener Kill, which was running fairly low and cluttered with leaves.
 The mostly barren woods, with only a little bit of hardy leaves still holding on.
 Temperatures were just right, brisk and cool in the low 50's for a nice walk.  At least Bella thought so!
 Bella is anxious to explore further. Let's go guys!
We walked about one mile total on an idyllic November day.

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