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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Ben Wood Mountain & Spruce Mountain(Adirondacks)

Met up with a small group of hikers in Warrensburg to hike a couple of small peaks in the Pack Demonstration Forest.  The Pack Forest is found along Old Route 9, which is located off of Route 9 just north of its intersection with Route 28.  The group consisted of 5 other hikers(Jim, Spencer, Melissa, John and Jarod) some familiar, some unfamiliar.  We parked on the shoulder of the gravel road in the Pack Forest across from a gate blocking a logging road.  Just a few feet from the car was beautiful, babbling Catarack Brook.
 Cascades on Catarack Brook.
The hike up Ben Wood Mountain was pretty straightforward and easy along a logging road.  There are no trail markings, but the road leads right up to the summit in 1.1 easy miles.
 The 1184 foot summit is wooded, but just beyond there is a very nice south facing viewpoint.
 South views towards the peaks of Warrensburg and Thurman.
 The crew, checking out the views.
 While not completely open, these views were much better than expected and provided lots of open rock to explore.
 Pack Forest Lake's pristine water below.
 After enjoying Ben Wood's summit, we descended back down to the car and then crossed Catarack Brook heading east up Spruce Mountain's slopes.  This peak is a true bushwhack hike.
 Passing through a large field of jumbled boulders.
Was surprised to stumble upon some ice on this vernal pond near the summit.
 Jim, dropping down off a sub summit towards the true summit.
 Spruce Mountain doesn't offer much up in scenic vistas, with these screened views through the trees being the best I found.
 The nondescript summit of Spruce Mountain, just above 1200 feet in elevation, made for a great spot to take a break for snacks.
 On the descent off of Spruce, I did find a small clump of snow in a shaded spot below a boulder.
 We dropped through open hemlock woods back down to the road, walking the last .2 miles back to the car past a scenic beaver pond.
A very nice morning in the woods of the Southern Adirondacks with great company.  Very easy hiking on a cool, but pleasant day.  A little over 4 miles total RT.

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