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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Fishing Trip to Andrew Brook(Adirondacks)

Headed up north with my dad for a small fishing trip to Andrew Brook, part of the new state land in the Boreas Ponds Tract.  We parked in a new DEC parking lot on the north side of Blue Ridge Road(almost due north of Sand Pond) and began our hike beyond the gate.  Unfortunately, I left my camera home, so all photos are from my cell phone.
The hike wasn't a total bushwhack, but certainly wasn't on anything resembling a marked trail.  We followed a very old woods road, which was very wet and in and out of some serious blowdown.  It was quite hard to follow in some spots
About 20 yards off the old road, we spotted what looked to be an old hunting cabin.  There wasn't much left, other than the tin roof, which looked like it was in great condition.
After about 2.2 miles we arrived at the calm waters of Andrew Brook.
We crossed to the north side of the brook and found a couple of nice spots to throw a line in.
 We caught many brook trout as well as dace and shiners.
Returned via the same old road back to the car in the early afternoon for a total of about 4 and a half miles RT.

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