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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Ushers Road State Forest(Halfmoon/ Clifton Park)

With showers and storms popping up all over the area, I decided on a short woods walk in at 122 acre Ushers Road State Forest in the town of Halfmoon, just east of the Clifton Park town line.  The forest is quite easy to find, just over one mile east of exit 10 off the Northway.
 There is room for about 6 cars in the lot, but only one car was there when I arrived.  I headed into the dark woods, with gloomy skies overhead.
Unfortunately any sense of a wilderness experience here is instantly broken by the sounds of nearby traffic.  Still a nice escape from the rat race.
 The trail is marked with yellow discs, although barely needed with  the wide and obvious foot path.
In the far northwest corner of the forest, a short detour provides access to the multi use Zim Smith Trail.
 Took the short connector trail, passing over a small stream.
Back near the beginning of the loop trail, I noticed some sort of foundation just off the trail.  Found it to be very interesting and would love to learn more about it.
Arrived back at the car after a short 1.6 mile loop through the woods.  Very nice, quiet walk but could have done without the annoying bugs.

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