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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

West Stockbridge Mountain(Berkshires)

Headed east into the Berkshires this afternoon to hike West Stockbridge Mountain, which makes up the long southern part of Yokun Ridge.  As I arrived at Olivia's Overlook, a Berkshire Natural Resources Council parking area and trailhead, skies were clearing over nearby Stockbridge Bowl.
Elevation to start was about 1360 feet.
I began by heading west then south on the BNRC marked trails, eventually making my way to the red blazed ridge trail, which hugs the steep west slopes of the ridge.  Soon, a view opens up to the west, with a gorgeous home along Swamp Road front and center.  The Taconic Ridge is in the distance beyond.
The ridge trail eventually leaves BNRC property and continues south on Stockbridge Water Supply Land, which has restrictions for hunting, fishing, and trapping, but not for hikers.
Early signs of fall are popping up all over.
The American flag flying proudly on one of the false summits and is supported by a large pile of rocks.  On the 17th anniversary of the horrific events of 9/11/01, I took a few minutes to reflect and remember those who lost their lives on that day.
Continuing on, I began to hit some areas of fog near the summit.
A few feet off the trail sits the 1860 foot true summit, completely wooded and labeled as "Stock Mountain".
About 3/10 of a mile south of the summit, the trail arrives at a large, rocky clearing with outstanding views.  The view east is directly over Lake Averic.
Several yards past the east facing views, is an even more open area of rock and low bushes with sweeping views from the SE to the SW. 
Monument Mountain and Tom Ball Mountain are the most impressive features from this south facing view.
The countryside of Lee and the Mass Pike stretching out to the east. 
The open rock at the south end of West Stockbridge's long ridge.
Stockbridge Bowl to the NE.
As I began to head back north, the fog really began to intensify.
Within a mere ten minutes, the ridge was nearly completely enveloped in fog.
Arriving in a clearing, shrouded in fog.
There was an eerie quality to the long hike back north along the ridge, as the fog only became thicker and thicker.
Arrived back at the car, feeling good, but completely drenched in sweat on this humid day.  Hiked about 6 miles RT.


  1. I can't wait to go here; can't believe I never heard of it! Great photos as usual...

    1. Yeah, this one is a real beauty and flies way below the radar. I think you will enjoy it!