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Friday, August 7, 2015

The Willows at Brandow Point(Hudson Valley)

Visited the Willows at Brandow Point, a 62 acre Greene Land Trust property located in the town of Athens, along the western shores of the Hudson River after work today.  There is a parking lot on the east side of Route 385, directly across from Howard Hall Road(County Route 53) and just north of the Cohotate Preserve.
 There is ample parking available as well as a wooden shed with property and trail information posted.  Just past the shed is the entrance to the trails, which wander through wide open fields and wildflowers.
 I spotted these healthy looking grapes just off the trail.
 A red marked DEC trail leads past the historic 18th century William Brandow House, which is listed on the State and National Registers of Historic Places.
The red trail continues through an overgrown section of trail before entering an open forest, which edges closer to the river.
I found a small clearing off the red trail just south of the point, where low tide allowed me to catch this panorama.
 The red trail meets up with the yellow trail, which enters an open meadow near the water, where a small old building still stands.
 A small path provides access to the Hudson.
 The view directly across the river from rocky Brandow Point.
 Looking down the river towards the Rip Van Winkle Bridge.
 A nice view up the river towards Middle Ground Flats and the Hudson-Athens Lighthouse.
 There are several well built foot bridges that cross the steep ravines that head down through the woods on their way to the river.
A rustic bench provides a resting spot along the blue trail, and makes a perfect spot to absorb the nature around you.
 One of the only foot bridges that actually crossed running water, albeit barely a trickle.
Walked all of the trails on the property and even re walked a couple of trails to complete loops.  It was a beautiful summer day and ended up walking about 1.7 miles total RT.

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