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Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Piney Point(Ticetonyk Mountain Unit, DEP Land-Catskills)

Ventured down into the Catskills to do an easy bushwhack up to 1680 foot Piney Point, the high point on Ticetonyk's far west ridge.  I parked in a small DEP pull off along Piney Point Road(Elevation 975 feet) and ventured south into the woods, initially following a drainage up.

Within a couple minutes of climbing I intersected the first of several old woods roads that dot these slopes.
I followed the woods road briefly but the woods were quite open so I simply bushwhacked straight up. This initially seemed like a good idea until I hit mountain laurel up high, which slowed down my progress.  At least I managed to squeeze in some okay views towards Mount Pleasant to the NW through the trees.
After pushing through a thicker area of mountain laurel, I hit the 1680 foot summit, which is marked by an enormous boulder. 

The summit area sits in a large plateau, and is very open and easy to explore.

I wandered down to the steepest slopes, just SE of the summit, where I found decent views to the south.

From the same area of steep slopes, I found screened view towards Torrens Hook(left) and a portion of the Ashokan Reservoir(right)

Heading north back up and over the summit, I carefully weaved my way around the mountain laurel for a pretty straightforward descent.

Nearing the car back down low, I once again hit the tiny drainage that I had followed up.  Mount Tobias can be seen through the bare trees further to the north.

A short walk brought me back to the car for a total of 2.2 miles RT and 750 feet of climbing.  A nice and easy bushwhack on yet another comfortable winter day!

Map below.  Red X=Parking   Blue X=Summit

Please note:  There are two other DEP parking spots available further west along Piney Point Road, as well as access from Bostock Road to the south.

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