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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Pachaquack Preserve

Stopped by the Pachaquack Preserve in Valatie after work today for a short walk along the banks of the Kinderhook Creek.  The term Pachaquack is Mohican for "cleared meadow" and was a meeting place on top of the hillside along the Kinderhook Creek. The far side of this 43 acre preserve lies directly on the opposite banks of River Street Park, also in Valatie, allowing locals great access to both shores of the Kinderhook Creek.

 The large parking lot has a couple of different trail options to choose from.  One follows an access road and the other is an actual trail that drops into the woods and down a hillside to the banks of the creek.  The opposite banks of the creek are steep and directly below the backyards of homes and businesses on Main Street in Valatie.
 The creek goes from still water to rapids within just a matter of yards.
 The current running strong.
 The air was comfortably cool in the low 40's making for nice walking weather.
 Looking back upstream from the shoreline.
 Most of the one mile loop trail is very well defined, following the powerlines in many areas.
 Looking across the creek to the confluence of the Valatie Kill and the Kinderhook.
 The Valatie Kill running into the much bigger Kinderhook Creek again.
 Looking downstream.
 Found this very interesting.  A ladder placed down on this tree allows easier access to a rope swing several feet further down the tree over the creek.
The late autumn weather can be a great time to get out and stretch your legs.  The weather is crisp but not cold, the mosquitoes are long gone and the trails are ice free, making for great walking!

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