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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Tyringham Cobble

Woke up to a fresh coating of snow this morning and headed east to the Berkshires.  Tyringham, in the southern Berkshires, is a small town just outside of Lee, with a few houses along Main Street, a post office and church and a couple of horse farms, giving the town a true nineteenth century feel.  Tyringham Cobble, the very large stone outcrop at the top of the hillside looms over the tiny village.  The forecast called for several inches of snow in the Berkshires, but there only seemed to be about two inches of the white stuff when I got there.  Another couple had arrived at the parking area just ahead of me.  They headed out before me so I headed counter clockwise as to not follow them and get in each others way.
 Tyringham Cobble from the trail head.
 Near the beginning of the trail is a large red barn, adding to the bucolic setting.
 After walking across open fields with brisk winds it was nice to get into the woods for some cover.  The trail heads steadily up the hillside through the woods with a very wintry feel.  Fox tracks could easily be made out in the snow nearly all the way up the trail.
Signage is very good at all the trail junctions.  The Tyringham Cobble trail is actually part of the Appalachian Trail.
 Once at the top of the cobble, the views east over the Tyringham Valley are spectacular.
 Main Street in Tyringham with the town's cemetery.
 The white steeple church in the middle of the village.
 The picturesque valley.
 Freshly fallen snow covered the trail making for a pleasant, peaceful walk.
 The "Bunny" rock!
 Winter looks like it has arrived early in the Berkshires.
Tyringham's rural Main Street.
 Barbed wire lines the trail part of the way near the fields.
The open fields below the cobble.
This trail, while only a short drive to Lee's outlets and the interstate, is a quiet, secluded area, seemingly a world away.  The trail is only 2 miles RT but the setting is simply beautiful.  The entire town has an old time feel and leaves you with a good feeling.  This well known trail is a favorite of many and fun for the whole family.

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