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Friday, December 6, 2013

Schodack Town Park

With rain showers moving out of the area and another front moving in later(a wintry front), I had a small window to get out and take a walk outside. I opted to walk along the banks of the Moordener Kill on the trails of Schodack Town Park.  A local favorite for dog owners, these trails are mostly level through woods and along the stream.  There were several people with dogs out on the trails today as others seemed set on taking advantage of this respite in the weather too.  The sun even tried to come out for a few fleeting moments.
 The Moordener Kill.
 A beautifully constructed foot bridge over the creek.
 The first cascades along the trail.
 Looking upstream from the second foot bridge.
 The red trail closely follows the banks of the creek.
 There are several wooden benches along the way for opportunities to soak in the peaceful sounds of the running water and birds above in the trees.
 The second cascades further upstream.
 The birds were out chirping, making it feel like early spring today.  The woods are so bare this time of year, that it actually has its own beauty.  These browns and grays may be replaced very soon by white.

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