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Friday, December 27, 2013

Wahconah Falls

Some places I go count more as a walk than a hike and today's stop would certainly qualify as a walk.  Wahconah Falls State Park is located in the beautiful Berkshires of Massachusetts in the town of Dalton.  It is a well known, yet well hidden treasure far in the woods off a dirt road.  It is a beautiful spot any time of the year, but today was even more so with a coating of fresh snow to brighten up the dark hemlock woods.
 After a short walk into a ravine you quickly come upon the main falls and a large pool below.
 With fresh snow and a little ice, the rocks surrounding the falls were slick and had to be explored very carefully.
 The falls flow from Wahconah Falls Brook and drop beautifully 40 feet below.
 There are a couple of trails and many informal paths through the woods that can be followed.  It is almost impossible to get lost because the rushing sound of water from the brook is always nearby.  There are also several other smaller falls and cascades further upstream.
 The brook is gorgeous in the deep, dark woods and can be followed at length both upstream and downstream.
 Running water could be heard spilling down the hillsides in very small streams flowing into the larger brook.
This is a very fun place to explore with the family and a favorite of kids.  In the warmer, drier months it is a little less slick and one can literally stone hop across the brook in many spots.  Swimming is not allowed in the large pool at the base of the falls, but every summer there are many folks who ignore these rules.  A quick, fun place to visit if you have a little extra time when visiting the Berkshires of Massachusetts.

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