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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Vroman's Nose

Went west today to Schoharie County, to visit Vroman's Nose, a fantastic geological formation towering 600 feet above the valley floor.  The distinctive rock "nose" can be seen from quite a distance away and is a well known landmark in the area.  The trail is accessed from a back road but anyone who drives along Route 30 in Middleburgh will be directly below the cliffs.
From the parking lot, you cross an open field before entering a mixed woods forest with a wide trail heading moderately up the shoulder of the mountain.
 It is steep in several areas along the trail.
 After about .75 miles you will reach the level summit of Vroman's Nose.  There are several glimpses of the valley below on the way up and even a couple of clearings, but none compare to the wide open views at the top.  Much of the valley below is very flat and utilized as farmland.
 Houses and barns below along route 30.
 Traffic can be seen far below on route 30 as well as backyards.
 Looking west from the summit.
 Lake effect snow flying from the west.
 Many spots along the summit are extremely steep.  This allows for beautiful views, but can be dangerous if you are not careful.
 Looking steeply down the cliffs to the tops of houses below.
 This picture gives an idea of how steep it really is in spots.
 The partially frozen Schoharie Creek can be seen meandering through the countryside.
 Formations in the fields.
 Along the eastern edge of the summit is this rocky cliff.  One can, if so inclined, go to the edge and take a look.  But it is not for the faint of heart.
 Another view easterly.
 Looking directly down over the Route 30.
 Sun and clouds over the Schoharie Valley.
 My car by itself in the parking lot.  This is a very popular trail, especially on weekends and in nicer weather.
This is a view of Vroman's Nose from the west, approaching on Route 30.
 A view of the east side of Vroman's Nose from the Schoharie Creek.
 The beautiful Middleburgh countryside on a cool 20 degree December morning.

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