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Friday, April 25, 2014

Clarendon Lookout(Vermont)

Went for a small get away with Heather and Sasha the little pup to Vermont for a couple of days.  I convinced Heather to go for a short, but steep hike up to a lookout spot on the nearby Appalachian Trail.  The trail head was located about ten minutes away from the hotel at a parking area along Route 103 in East Clarendon.
We first took the south trail for a quick 5 minute walk down to Clarendon Gorge.  Here is Heather posing with Sasha!
Mill River runs far below the suspension bridge at the gorge.
The suspension bridge made for a nice spot to stop and look far below.  The slight wobble of the bridge was enough to make  it interesting.
Mill River running downstream.
After lingering for a couple of minutes we headed back on the northern trail for about a half mile to a spot known as Clarendon Lookout.  The trail heads steeply through a rocky area where footing an climbing was tough.
The sheer size of the rocky cliffs was amazing.
Here is a nice shot of Heather happily climbing behind me.  That's a happy smile.
After steadily climbing for about 20 minutes we reached a more level spot with a view back down between the cliffs.
Sasha was very intrigued by the chipmunks that seemed to be coming out of the rocks everywhere.  They didn't have a fear of humans either and would walk up to about 5 feet away from you without running off.
After about a half an hour total we arrived at the lookout.  A beautiful spot to admire the view.  The Rutland
State Airport's runway and landing strips can be seen below.
The valley about 500 feet far below.
It was a beautiful evening to linger at the lookout.  Love this picture of Heather and Sasha.
We lingered at the rocky lookout spot for about 20 minutes.
Route 103, the road we drove there on, stretches below.
The descent back down through the rocky trail.
We hiked about a total of 1 mile RT. but it was challenging.

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