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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Hollyhock Hollow Nature Preserve

Initially had plans to do some hiking in Vermont today, but blew out a tire on my way which lead to a long morning.  Once I got the tire fixed and got back on the road, I opted to stay local and visited the Hollyhock Hollow Sanctuary, a former farm in the town of Bethlehem near Feura Bush.  
There are several miles or trails as well as several trail options throughout the preserve.  Possibly the most interesting of these trails is the creek trail, which closely follows the Onesquethaw Creek.
The creek has many rocks and boulders in this section along the trail, making for a scenic stretch.
Much of the creek dries up during the warm summer months, but was flowing at the its usual spring levels.
The Onesquethaw Creek rises in the town of New Scotland in the Helderburgs and flows to Coeymans Creek in Delmar.
Swift flowing current.
Rocks and small cascades abound.
Creative signage near a road crossing.
This stone quarry has an interesting bit of history to tell.
Along one of the woods trails, I spotted this strange tree formation.  There are seven birch trees that grow from the same spot.
This white tailed deer was cautiously watching me from about 25 yards away.  I kneeled down and got a couple of good pictures of him.
He continued to stare me down for several minutes until i finally continued on.
There are many stone walls throughout the preserve, which are evidence of past farming on these grounds.
A large stone crevice is fenced off for safety reasons.
The early spring woods are bare and open, offering glimpses of the hills beyond.  There was also evidence of black bears out and about, from paw prints to scat.
More stone walls.
Walked just a little shy of 2.5 miles today, which felt great.  The only caveat being I had to pull two ticks off my pants once back to the car.

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