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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Four Mile Point and Pratt Rock

Got out of work this afternoon and went out to enjoy the beautiful early spring day.  The warmest day of the season so far found temperatures in the mid to upper 50's with bright sunshine.  I headed south along the Hudson to Four Mile Point just outside Coxsackie to get started.
The preserve is owned and maintained by Scenic Hudson, which works to protect and restore the Hudson River and its landscape and has created or enhanced more than 60 parks, preserves and historic sites.
The preserve is small at only 7 acres and only offers .3 mile of three very short paths, but the scenery is very pretty.  A trail and boardwalk lead to a pond with a bench to observe wildlife.  The pond was nearly completely ice free with plenty of green algae.
A small clearing at the top of a hill provides a view north over the Hudson River.
Just a short distance below the top overlook is another small clearing with a clear view to the south over the river.
It was very peaceful and quiet as I walked the path down to the Hudson's shoreline.  There are very nice views up the river from here and would also make a nice place to put a kayak in or to bring a fishing pole.
I then headed west along the northern Catskills to Pratt Rock in the town of Prattsville.  Prattsville is located at the corner of Greene, Delaware and Schoharie County's and was devastated by flooding from Tropical Storm Irene in 2011.  Pratt Rock is a popular landmark with beautiful vistas.
The trail follows the road through a level clearing before beginning its steep ascent.
A short distance up the trail, a view of Pratt Rock unfolds before you.  Although the trail is very short, it is very steep and very scenic.
The famous "rock seat" makes a nice resting spot.
The rocky escarpment features a tapestry of carved figures and shapes.  Zadock Pratt, and early 19th century industrialist(and the sites namesake), commissioned the carvings and has been referred to as New York's own Mount Rushmore.
Here is a carving of Pratt's horse and a hemlock.
Looking straight up at the rocky summit,
Very steep cliffs with a straight drop off.
Prattsville from Pratt Rock.
Terrific views off the Pratt Rock.  The Schoharie Creek flows through the valley some 250 feet below as it is hemmed in by hills and peaks.
This raptor was circling overhead for several minutes as I stood on the clifftop.
Country homes and small farms dot the valley floor as the Catskills rise in the distance.
A view off the rocky clearing to the north of Schohaire Creek flowing towards the village of Prattsville.
A look at some of the sheer drop offs further along the ridge line.
Here I am near the ledge.
Still dormant leaves on some of the trees.
Watch your step!  Small crevices and open spots make good footing critical in this area.
The Schoharie Creek along Route 23.
The headstone of many of the Pratt family.
Along a pull off on 23A for fishing access, I walked down to the Schoharie Creek and saw the raging spring waters.
Rural landscape on Greene County.  A horse farm on a dead end road provides views of the northern Catskills.
The late afternoon sun in the small hamlet of North Settlement.
Very nice day!  Hope to have many more spring days like this ahead.

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