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Monday, April 21, 2014

Prospect Mountain(Lake George) and short visit to Rogers Island(Ft Edward)

I drove north after work to Lake George to enjoy the warm spring day by hiking up Prospect Mountain from the village.  The trail head can be accessed from a residential street with on street parking or by driving directly to the steps and footbridge over the Northway.
Climbing up a set of stairs leads to a wide fun footbridge over the interstate, which provides a different perspective of the traffic below.
The Northway facing north from the footbridge.
The climb isn't strenuous but it is consistently steady and will make you break a sweat.  It is a great day hike at about 3.5 miles RT.
The footing can be tricky on the rocky trail when wet.
Even on a 70+ degree day there are still small spots of snow and ice remaining .
The last climb towards the summit area ascends through a mostly hardwood forest.
The mountain is actually a popular tourist destination during the summer as a toll road provides access to mountain top.  From the 2021 foot summit area there are the famed 100 mile views on clear days. Here is a beautiful view east over Lake George and its eastern peaks.
The northway running south with the French Mountain Range and distant eastern peaks beyond.
A close view of the eastern shoreline of Lake George with Million Dollar Beach at the top.
Butler Pond to the south can be seen tucked into the hills.
The Lac Du Saint Sacrement, which provides pleasant cruises on Lake George's waters is seen here docked.
The southern shore of Lake George.
A closer look at the interstate winding its way down towards Queensbury.
The rolling peaks beyond the far parking lot to the west.
Originally an incline railway car, built in 1895, lead to the top where people could eat and dance and enjoy the views.  Unfortunately, due to financial failure, the railroad was abandoned by 1903.
A zoomed in look at Lake George's many bays, coves and islands.
The marvelous views here provide evidence that the best views can be often be attained from smaller mountains as well as the larger ones.
Northeastern views from a shoulder of the access road.
Many small peaks surround Lake George as evidenced by this view to the north and east.
A phenomenal look over southern Lake George and to the eastern hills well beyond.
Lake George's southern basin with the village on the shores.
This stunning view provides a glimpse of the access road climbing a shoulder of the mountain and Lake George's blue waters below.
After climbing steadily down through the rocky trail, I began heading home.  A very pleasant evening was beginning though, so I decided to explore nearby Rogers Island at Fort Edward.
Route 197 bridge over the Hudson.
Another view of the Route 197 bridge and eastern shore.
A winding dead end road leads to a visitor center, open May-October.
There are several monuments in a clearing near the center of the island.  This one is in tribute to Major Robert Rogers from the 18th century, the islands namesake.
This island was a major encampment during the French and Indian Wars and a huge supply depot for British and American soldiers in the late 1850's.
This monument honors British Expeditonary Forces. 
A small walk through an open field leads to the western side of the island and a view of the main branch of the Hudson.

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