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Friday, September 19, 2014

Martin-Dunham Reservoir(Rensselear Plateau)

Visited Dunham-Reservoir in the less visited southern section of Grafton Lakes State Park high up on the Rensselaer Plateau this afternoon.  It was another delightfully brisk September day, and a perfect place to catch a glimpse of early fall colors. There are two wooded trails that run along each side of the Reservoir, with nice views from both.  The Double Bit trail runs along the west shore, while the South Dunham Trail runs on the east.
 A small, tranquil pond sits unassumingly along the north side of Johnson Road near the inlet.
 A small pull off with room for one or two cars provides access to the north shoreline of the Reservoir.
 At the trailhead for the Double Bit Trail is a beautiful southern view directly down the west side of the Reservoir.  This makes for a perfect place to put in a canoe or kayak as well.
 Even gravel Johnson Road is picturesque.
 The late afternoon sun, quickly disappearing behind the trees as I walked through a sea of ferns on the Double Bit Trail.
 A small informal path leads to a small fire pit and a glimpse out through the trees at the beautiful blue waters. 
 Due to the higher elevation(approximately 1319 feet)on the Rensselaer Plateau, fall colors get a bit of a head start.
 Gorgeous sunny reflections.
 There is a much more secluded feel to this section of the State Park and makes for a nice, peaceful paddle or walk.  A view to the south.
 The late afternoon sun shining over the 93 acre Reservoir.
 The South Dunham Trail meandering along the east banks.
 Beautiful early fall colors.
 The Reservoir was created in 1913 by the impoundment of the Quacken Kill.  The earthen dam can be found along the southern shoreline and is over 660 feet long.  Here is one last view over the open waters from the South Dunham Trail.

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