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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Mud Pond Preserve(Rensselaer County)

Been very busy recently, but had an opportunity to get out locally and explore the Mud Pond Preserve in Nassau this afternoon.  Mud Pond is a fairly new preserve that was opened less than a year ago and very recently added a new .75 mile Casey Farm Loop trail.  It was another very comfortable September day and I was lucky enough to have the parking lot to myself upon my arrival. 
 Unfortunately the trail skirts a landfill, but it doesn't detract from the pleasant bucolic views.
 The Casey Farm Loop Trail  begins by following an open road near the landfill.
 The loop trail soon enters mixed woods and a large area of ferns.  Evergreens keep this section of trail a bit darker.
 This loop trail follows an old road and is named after the Casey family, whose ancestors had a farm in this very location.
 As the loop trail nears the trail junction with the Overlook trail a canopy of hardwoods allows sunlight to spill through the trees.
 Stone walls provide a glimpse at the past.
 There was a tinge of fall color down by Mud Pond's southern end.
 There are no incredible scenic vistas but there is a nice view over the swampy southern end of the pond.
  Although difficult to see, Mud Pond's main body of water can be partially seen through the trees.
 Clouds began rolling in over the pond, but it remained very comfortable.
 Spotted a colorful leaf along the way.
 Early autumn leaves scattered along a section of trail.
Not a strenuous hike by any means, but a comfortable and serene 1.6 mile RT walk.

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