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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Baxter Mountain(Adirondacks)

Kalli and I drove north this morning to enjoy our day off in beautiful Lake Placid.  After exploring the village and grabbing lunch, we wanted to take advantage of the sunny, warm weather by doing a small hike.  We drove back down to Keene on Route 73 and headed east on Route 9N to the trail head for Baxter Mountain.  Parking is located almost directly across from Hurricane Road, right off the highway beside a DEC sign.
Came across this interesting tree along the way.
 The trail climbs gently through pines on a well broken in trail.
 After about .9 mile, the trail begins to climb up a steep area to a nice ledge, offering some decent views.
 After about 1.15 miles you arrive at the northwest summit, where a rocky perch offers incredible vistas.  Here I am soaking in the sun and views.
 Mount Marcy's snow capped peak at the head of Johns Brook valley.
 Giant Mountain towering in the distance, above Hopkins and Spread Eagle Mountain.
A panorama off the ledges of Baxter.  Although short in stature(not even 2500 feet), this mountain offers some of the finest views in the High Peaks.
Climbing back down one of the steeper sections just below the summit.
 Not a cloud in the sky!  We really took our time heading back down the mountain, enjoying the sights and sounds of the woods.
Couldn't be happier!
 Shadows in the snow.
What a great day!!  Enjoyed a beautiful day in the woods with Kalli.  Hiked a total of about 2.3 miles RT.

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