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Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Windham Path(Town of Windham)

Headed south after work today to brave very cold wind chills at the Windham Path, located just east of the village of Windham.  A large parking lot located on the south side of Route 23 provides access.

A kiosk with trail map and other local info stands beside the lot at the trail entrance.
 Bright blue skies made it look nicer than it actually was, on this last day of winter.
 The trail is1.5 miles of easy walking through open fields, which were partially snow and ice covered still.
 There are many views to be had all around you along nearly the entire trail.
 The southern section of the trail follows along the banks of the beautiful Batavia Kill, making for very pleasant walking.
 A spot to stop and rest, and soak in the amazing views.  Part of Windham High Peak can be seen from here.
 The Batavia Kill flows for 22 miles through the northern Catskills before entering the Schoharie Creek near the village of Prattsville.
 There are five well constructed footbridges along the Path, helping to keep your feet dry.
 Several small tributary streams run through the fields and empty into the Batavia.
 Bitterly cold water of the Batavia Kill.
 A beautiful rural view of the thawing Batavia Kill.
 Just a matter of time before these fields and woods come to life.
 Winding path.
 Another footbridge over one of the tributaries.
 Not sure how this bicycle ended up parked in the tree.
 Snow crowds an old stone wall as the trail loops back towards Route 23.
A very pleasant 1.5 mile stroll along The Windham Path.  A local treasure that I'll be glad to be back to visit in the coming months.

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