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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Mount Greylock via Cheshire Harbor Trail(Berkshires)

Had a nice, sunny day to get out and do some exploring in the Berkshires this afternoon. I've hiked Mount Greylock several times over the last few years but never from the east side.  The east side of the mountain offers a few different trail options, with most being moderate to strenuous climbs.  I took the Cheshire Harbor Trail from the trail head at the end of West Mountain Road, just west of the town of Adams.  The 3,491 foot summit of Greylock can easily be seen here, from West Mountain Road.
There were a few other cars in the lot as I arrived on this gorgeous weekend afternoon.  Not a cloud in the sky as I began my ascent.
 I brought the snowshoes, but the trail was well broken in by snowmobiles, making for pleasant walking. 
 The trail borders Pecks Brook ravine, which drops off steeply to the right.
 After one mile of climbing, the Cheshire Harbor Trail turns to the right, where Old Adams Road goes left.
 Fresh snow covered evergreens.
 The bare winter woods provide screened views down to the east.
  The climb isn't ever overwhelming, but remains aggressive most of the way.
 A footbridge crossing one of Pecks Brook's tributaries.
 Eventually the Cheshire Harbor Trail meets seasonal Rockwell Road, which is closed until Memorial Day.  After crossing the road, I continued the climb up the Appalachian Trail.
 Above 3000 feet the fresh snow clung tight to the trees.

Climbing up through the winter woods on a spring day.
 Emerging from the woods near the summit, a large radio tower rises directly above.
 Cold winter weather is holding a tight grip on the summit area.
 Fresh snow covered trees.
 The War Memorial Tower at the summit, marking the highest point in the state of Massachusetts.
 The views to the east from the clearing by the summit are incredible and far reaching.
 A panorama from the windy summit.
 A zoomed in look at the town of Adams far below.
 Views to the northwest over the Hoosac Range.

It was pretty quiet at the top today, with only one other hiker and a couple snowmobilers enjoying the views.  This is in direct contradiction to the large summer crowds that usually assemble.
Had a fantastic Sunday afternoon!! Hiked a total of 6.6 miles RT up to Mount Greylock with an elevation gain over 2100 feet.

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