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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Ushers Road State Forest/ Hayes Nature Park(Clifton Park)

Had a small window of time to get and explore some local trails in the Clifton Park area this afternoon before another winter event moved in.  My first stop was 122 acre Ushers Road State Forest located about one mile east on Ushers Road off of exit 10 of the Northway.
The main trail is a loop through the woods and well marked by yellow NYS DEC discs.
 The loop trail passes through a dense evergreen woodland.
 The quiet winter woods make you almost forget that you are within just a short distance away from the interstate and civilization.
 An interesting perspective of a fallen tree.
 Nature's balancing act.
 A short spur trail heads away from the main loop and meets up with the 9 mile multi-use Zim Smith Trail.
 A footbridge crosses a small tributary of the Dwaas Kill.
 The partially frozen stream makes for a pleasant scene.
 The wide, multi-use Zim Smith Trail runs 9 miles from Ballston Spa all the way down to Round Lake.
 A decimated tree.
  Completed  the loop trail through the State Forest as well as the side spur trail for a total of 2 miles RT.  Then headed a short distance south through Clifton Park to the Hayes Nature Park, located along Moe Road, a short distance south and west off of exit 8A(Grooms Road).
 The park covers 48 acres with a nice kiosk at the trail head with large, convenient trail map.
 Signage is abundant and easy to follow.
 There are several well built footbridges throughout the park.
 A small stream meandering through the winter woods.
A typical scene in the mixed forest. 
 I saw a couple of people out walking dogs on this cloudy afternoon.  Got the impression that this is a very nice neighborhood park with benches and several trail entrances to the surrounding developments.
Snow began to fly as I completed the loop trail, completing 2.9 miles total for the day.

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