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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Comeau Property(Woodstock-Catskills Region)

Following my earlier hike in Phoenica, I stopped by the quaint village of Woodstock on my way home.  Near the town center(directly across from the police station) is quiet, unassuming Comeau Drive, which provides access to the 77 acre Comeau Property. Parking is available in the upper lot just before the municipal offices, where a trail heads west past a gate and through open meadows.
Enjoying a nice, quiet walk through a large, open field.
These fields provide marvelous views north towards Mount Guardian and Overlook Mountain.
At the end of the meadow, the trail bends left to the south and enters the woods and is marked with red signage.
Crossing a wooden plank section.
Much of the trail follows the banks of the Saw Kill. I followed a small informal path downhill for a closer look at the creek where I found these interesting rock cairns on a fallen tree.
Looking downstream at a calm section of the Saw Kill.
A view upstream.
Once back on the main trail, I continued east along the creek and soon arrived at a nice area of cascades.
Just below the first cascades the creek bends sharply to the north.  This section of the creek is marked by fast moving current, small cascades and frozen ice chunks.
Small cascade.
Eventually the trail bends away from the creek and turns back towards the parking area.  This makes for a peaceful, easy walk back to the car.  Hiked about 1.2 miles.