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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Lebanon Springs Road(Taconics)

Did a short hike up Lebanon Springs Road access road, just over the Massachusetts state line, which leads up the west side of the Taconic Mountains to Pittsfield State Forest.  The road, in use by 4 wheel drive vehicles less than a generation ago, is now a trail which provides access to the Taconic Crest Trail.  To find it, drive to Main St in the hamlet of Lebanon Springs just east off Route 22 in New Lebanon, then bear left onto Old Mountain Road and follow it uphill to the very end. A private driveway bears left and unmarked Lebanon Springs Road leads right just past a large pile of sticks and branches.
 The trail is wide and easily recognizable as an old road.  A couple hundred yards in, the trail meets up with a private road from the left.  Continue right here.
 The trail gradually climbs uphill with a rather steep drop off to the right.
 There are many old culverts and pipes found along the way.
 Some areas of the road have been severely washed out over the years.
 Continuing a very quiet woods walk along the eroded road.
 More rusted out old piping.
 Fallen trees clog some sections of the trail.
There are no substantial views to be had along the way, but screened views can be had during the winter time with the leaves off the trees.
 Looking back to the south and east, with broken views down into the valley.
 A sharp drop off to the south, where nearby ridge lines can be easily made out.
While the trail is easily followed most of the time, there are blue discs found sporadically along the way.
After about 1.1 miles, the sounds of rushing water become audible.  This is an unnamed brook running steeply down a ravine.
 Right beside the brook is a sign for Lebanon Springs Road. 
 This marks the terminus of the Lebanon Springs Access Road and where it meets up with the Taconic Crest Trail at an elevation of 1577 feet.
A large, rusted out old culvert leads the rushing water downstream here. 
 I continued south on the Taconic Crest Trail for a short distance, where the trail eventually leads to Twin Ponds and eventually Route 20.
 I also continued about a quarter mile north on the Taconic Crest Trail, where Berry Pond is eventually found a little over 3 miles north.
Turned back here, retracing my steps back down to the car.  Hiked about 2.4 miles RT on a cloudy but comfortable winter day.

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