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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Stevens Glen(Berkshires)

With a small window of time this afternoon I got out for a quick walk to Stevens Glen, which straddles the West Stockbridge/ Richmond town line in the Berkshires.  The 128 acre property is owned and managed by the Berkshire Natural Resources Council, and was donated by the Pryor family back in 1995.  With temps approaching 40 degrees, it was a great day for a hike.  Parking is alongside Lenox Road in a small pull off just below a BNRC sign.  From there, the trail begins at a set of stairs that drop down into the woods and past a kiosk.
 The trail drops over 320 feet through a hemlock forest, which was covered in a coating of ice and snow, making footing tricky in spots.
 Took a left(clockwise) at the first trail junction and again where a spur trail turns left towards the Glen.
 Crossing a partially frozen, small tributary of Lenox Mountain Brook.
 From a beautiful foot bridge, there is a fine view of frozen Lenox Mountain Brook.
 Ascending up a series of stone steps into the sunshine and towards the Glen.
A great view directly into Stevens Glen.
 Looking down directly into the steep gorge from a viewing platform.
There are several well built foot bridges throughout the preserve.  This spot provides an impressive view of a frozen stream.
After returning from the spur trail, I turned left, uphill, and eventually completing the loop trail. 
Hiked about 1.6 miles RT on a very nice, comfortable January day.

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