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Monday, April 25, 2016

Constitution Hill(Berkshires)

Got out for a short hike at Constitution Hill in the town of Lanesborough in the beautiful Berkshires of Western Massachusetts on a mostly cloudy Monday afternoon.  The 252 acre property is owned and managed by the Berkshire Natural Resources Council and is found by taking Bridge Street west off of Route 7 in Lanesborough all the way to its end, where a parking lot and kiosk are found.  Additional parking can be found downhill at a bend in the road as well.
Some of the best views of the day can be found to the east as you approach the trail head on Bridge St.
 Continue uphill past the kiosk, where the road continues but becomes more of a rough woods road to the beginning of a blue marked loop trail.  You will have the option to go either way from there.  A right goes up to a power line crossing, where there are more nice views both east and west.  Here is east towards Farnams Hill.
 A closer look east, down towards Route 7.
 I backtracked down to follow the trail clockwise along woods roads.
 The north edge of the property passes stone walls, beautifully framed by budding plants.
 Large white quartz rock can be found along the summit ridge.
 A small bench marking the top of the wooded 1644 foot summit.
 An inscription on this rock marks the top of the mountain.
 This red oak was planted here to replace the enormous oak which stood for centuries before it was hit by lightning in 1902 and later burned by vandals in 1920.
 The entire hike is about 2.5 miles RT.  The informational kiosk at the trail head is very interesting and provides a glimpse into the Berkshires past.  Upon further reading, I discovered that a large bonfire atop the nearly bald summit signaled the Massachusetts ratification of the Constitution in 1788. 
If you are seeking a quiet, historical walk, then this may be just the hike for you.  Elevation gain is 400 feet.

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