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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Kings Highway Barrens(Albany Pine Bush)

Following a spring snowstorm and record cold overnight, I got out for a short walk at the Kings Highway Barrens in Guilderland, on a cold but sunny, bluebird Tuesday afternoon.  There are many access points to the Pine Bush, which is one of the few and best remaining inland pine barrens in the world.  Access to this section is on the north side of Kings Rd just east of the Townsquare Media Complex.  A small parking area and kiosk mark the starting point.
I passed the wooden fence and walked through a couple inches of compressed snow soon arriving at a red trail junction.  This trail junction is simply the beginning of a 1.2 mile loop trail so you may go whichever way you choose.  I found the deep blue skies and budding trees to be very picturesque.
The trail is very easy to follow and marked in red.
Tree thinning is performed periodically in the Pine Bush to restore the habitat where pitch pine trees and other tree species become crowded. This will allow pine barren plants and animals to flourish.
Came across this tire, which was under an inch or so of snow.
Native Pitch Pines reaching to the skies.
The snow covered dunes of the Pine Bush.
Contrast of seasons. Buds and snow fight it out along the trail.
Enjoyed a leisurely 1.2 mile RT walk.

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